Welcome to Sarasota's Annual Fruit Tree Gleaning!

The Siesta Key Kiwanis Club has been gleaning backyard fruit every year since 2003.  Its now the 10th anniversary of this program.    In those 10 years we've learned a great deal about making this happen, and about the food bank's importance to families and children in the Sarasota regional community.

After reviewing the 2012 gleaning results, All Faiths Food Bank asked if the Siesta Key Kiwanis Club could expand its gleaning program.  They had three reasons for the request:   First,  because of "the great recession," demand on the food bank's resources remains high - many families are still struggling.    Second, because the food bank recognized the importance of sourcing fresh, locally grown, food for its clients.  Third, because good food should never go to waste!

We of course, said "yes."

Articles in Sarasota Media

Fruit glean collection to benefit food bank

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Backyard Citrus

Many Florida homes have citrus trees in their yards.  Often the fruit is abundant beyond the homeowner's needs.  If so, we invite owners to share their citrus with All Faiths Food Bank and we'll do the work!

What is "Gleaning"

Definition: “gleaning”  (verb) -
To gather produce left after the harvest that otherwise would go to waste to benefit those in need.

Our Gleaning Crews

Gleaning crews are volunteers organized by the Siesta Key Kiwanis Club - Area Kiwanians, Pine View High School Key Club members, friends, and family members.  Everyone is welcome to volunteer for a gleaning.

Our goal is simple:  To gather citrus from the backyards of homes in our community that would otherwise go to waste for donation to All Faiths Food Bank

Feeding Frenzy

Jane Early, Grace Commet and Carmen Ramsey were among the Siesta Key Kiwanis club volunteers who gleaned fruit from local trees .....  Full article